The August Recipe

This month we are unveiling our newborn : the Recipe of the month ! Every month you will be able to find here and on our Youtube channel a new recipe, 100% adapted to the needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women. Our little extra ? Our recipes will be linked to the color of the month ! As August’s color was beige, here is the menu :
Fillet of sole with lemon sauce, onion and yellow pepper compote, steamed potatoes.

Fish is recommended for pregnant women for it contains lots of fatty acid and iodine, wich are essential for a healthy immune system. It is recommended to eat fish at least twice a week and sole is one of the most healthy fishes for pregnant women.
Onion has a high content of folic acid and contributes to the foetus’ proper development (especially in the first weeks of pregnancy). It also contains a lot of B vitamin and potassium, and has anti-anaemic qualities.
Yellow pepper has around twice as much C vitamin as green ones.
Finally, the potatoes steam cooking limits the fat, wich is already brought by the sole fillets cooking and the onion and yellow peppers compote.

All you have to do now is to enjoy ! Baby says thank you 😉


Breastfeeding shells : test and opinion

Three weeks ago we asked a Cape oupas Cape mum to test for us the Baby Shell breastfeeding shells, as well as the Kittet Fisio Lan cream. Here is what she thinks of the breastfeeding shells !

Some time ago I read an announcement on the « Allaitement Cape oupas Cape » facebook page.breastfeeding shells They were looking for a breasfeedind mum to test some breastfeeding shells. I didn’t hesitate and jumped at it! After 14 months of breastfeeding I know a lot of things related to
breastfeeding, care creams, nursing pads, breastfeeding cushions, nursing bra’
 But I never had the opportunity of testing these shells that I discovered quite recently, and that intrigued me a lot.

Breastfeeding shells : what’s the point?


Ha ! If I had the chance to know these shells before that would have helped me well when I began to breastfeed. These natural and polished shells help indeed to prevent cracks, for they stop frictions with clothes and keep the nipples hydrated for they will be in permanent contact with your milk or care cream (such as lanolin).

-“But my bras never irritate my nipples and never hurt me”, you may say. Let me assure you, ladies, that when you breastfeed your nipples are very very sensitive and the shells softness is more than welcome. Especially during the first breastfeeding weeks, the most important to set up your breasfeeding. But they have multiple uses ! They also help the healing by allowing your milk (a natural healing and antiseptic) to remain in contact with your nipples that are battered by the continuing demands from you baby.


The shells were sent in a little linen bag with the nice Baby Shell logo on it. They were kindly breastfeeding shellswaiting for me inside, very happy I guess to be useful and to help a prolonged breastfeeding. I was surprised first by their softness : they really are soft, and polished on their sides for an optimum comfort. Then I realized how beautiful they are. I am no shell fanatic but I think they are particularly gorgeous. As they will be with my breast every day, I am glad to know they are all soft and beautiful :-)

I feel like a mermaid <3 all I have to find left is the mermaid tail and the dreamlike body ahaha


There is nothing easier !

You need to sterilize them first. Boil some water or put them with your bottle nipples, baby bottle etc
 in your steam sterilizer. That may be psychological but I would not put them in the microwave
 So I would not sterilize them with the microwave sterilizer.

Then, all you have to do is to place them on your nipples. The breastfeeding shells are hold by your bra, no worry ! You have to wash them regularly with clear water and soap, and not to sleep with them. It also isn’t advised to use them an entire day.

My opinion and test:

I tested these shells during 3 weeks, not using them all day as advised on the manual.

It is now been 14 months I breastfeed but unlikely to many women I still have an important milk production and leakage. As the shells are not supposed to retain a lot of milk I decided to complement their use with washable nursing pads. My son had a strong growth peak that led him to breastfeed very very often and during a very long time
 I usually use lanolin for these moments when my breast is quite requested and more sensitive than usual because of the irritations; but I realized it won’t happen a better time to test my breastfeeding shells! I can only say one thing: I have been amazed by how fast my nipples healed! Pain, redness and irritations were gone by 2 days!!

I only see assets to these magical shells.

The only reservation I will mention is that, in my case, you can see them through my clothes. Is that related to my breast shape? Or to its more than generous size? I don’t have the answer but that led me to only wear them at home or when I am alone. But as you are not supposed to wear them an entire day it did not bother me. You can take them with you wherever you go and wear them when you decide to, all you have to remember is to wash them regularly with clear water and soap!

I am so glad I had the chance to test these breastfeeding shells, I carefully keep them and I will use them again any time I feel an irritation!

Thank you “Allaitement Cape oupas Cape” for this opportunity and your kindness.

I strongly recommend breastfeeding shells!

Thanks to our testing mum to agree to test these breastfeeding shells for us ! If you liked this article, feel free to visit her blog : . We really like it! 😉

Color of the month : green !


color of the month : green

Learn more about our washable wipes

Color of the month : green !

Green stands for renewal, spring coming in our lives again, bringing sweetness. It is a multifaceted color : tender and heartwarming green, or stimulating  apple green, this color knows how to awake our best mood ! With green we tend to a harmonic life with ourselves and people around us, in a spirit of mutual comprehension.

Introduction to this blog

Your belly is slowly rounding up, you’re reaching this beautiful state of fulfilment, sweet dreams and great projects. You’re visualising this child, your child, carried, cuddled, breastefeeded in your arms.

You are going to breastfeed, you begin to believe in this, why not breastfeeding my baby ? But how are you going to conciliate breastfeeding and intimacy, to avoid mean words from other people that would not like to see breastfeeding mothers outside ? How will you conserve this privileged link with your baby without cutting off with the outside world ? If some mums don’t mind about breastfeeding in public not every mother does, and you might feel uncomfortable thinking about that.

Yet breastfeeding still is a basic natural action, an almost animal impulse. You should not have to hide ! Well not really hiding but preserving yourself from the others, protect yourself and your baby, and only get kind words and attitude ; avoid disapproval that could eventually affect and ruin your breastfeeding project.

Soutions do exist ! Simple, natural solutions, inspired by many women on Earth in places where breastfeeding is (almost) the only way to feed a baby : the breastfeeding cover.
You feel like you gradually relive, your baby against your chest, your complexes far away.
But then baby is growing, and so are your questions and doubts…

Lucky you, the whole Cape oupas Cape team is here to help you right now ! Let’s meet on a regular basis in this blog to think about motherhood issues together, exchange our points of view, pieces of advice and testimonies about our lives… And of course about breastfeeding experiences, tips and tricks !

Have a great time with us !